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Columbia Flooring Services offers high-quality carpet repair services along with its excellent carpet cleaning in Vancouver, WA. Our experienced staff can handle any type of carpet repair or cleaning that you have in your home or business. Whether your carpet has damage from pets, furniture, or the seam installed incorrectly or the carpet has stretched, our team can repair your carpet back to its original state. Make sure that your small carpet issues don’t turn into major problems, call and get professional carpet repair today from an experienced team. If you have any questions or concerns about the state of your carpet, don’t hesitate to call us! We will gladly answer any questions you may have about your specific situation or about the carpet repair and cleaning services we offer!Carpet Repair Services Vancouver WA

Don’t Wait, Get Professional Carpet Repair Today!

When you need professional carpet repair, it’s highly recommended that you don’t wait, as even smaller carpet issues can become significant issues quickly. Columbia Flooring Services can perform carpet repairs on several different types of carpets in homes and businesses, and our team can deal with a multitude of repair needs. Has your pet destroyed a part of the carpet? Does your carpet need to be re-stretched? We can handle it all at Columbia Flooring Services!

Different Types of Carpet Repair We Perform

  • Pet Damage – Not only can your pets stain your carpet, but they can also tear and dig at carpet near doorways and along walls. This damage is a prevalent type of carpet repair that we come across, especially with cat owners. If your pet has ruined your carpet by clawing at it, we can certainly repair it, as well as clean pet stains out of the carpet!
  • Seam Repair – Another common repair we come across are seam repairs. This type of damage can occur wherever the carpet is seamed together. Most of the time, this repair is necessary because the seam was not put in properly upon installation. Seam repairs are typical on high traffic carpets.
  • Threshold Repair – Threshold repairs are generally common in homes that have flooring transitions from carpet to hardwood or other flooring styles. These repairs are relatively easy to fix and make for a smoother transition and cleaner look from room to room.

Do You Have A Torn Rug? We Can Fix That Too!

Torn Rug Repair Vancouver WATorn area rugs can be a big issue if they don’t get addressed promptly. While some area rug tears can get fixed with home remedies, they may never come out the same way. That’s why it’s crucial to get your torn rugs repaired by a seasoned professional. Don’t attempt to fix an expensive rug like an oriental rug that requires specialized repair. Make the best choice for your torn rug and call Columbia Flooring Services and ask one of our team members to take a look at the rug and figure out the extent of the repair. Rug repairs can be extremely tricky, especially when you’re dealing with rugs that have delicate fibers, so before you look for home remedies, give us a call today.

Call Columbia Flooring Services Today for Expert Carpet Repair and Cleaning

Not only can Columbia Flooring Services take care of your carpet and area rug repair needs, but we can also help with carpet and floor cleaning! We have an experienced staff that can handle all your carpet cleaning and repair needs. We also provide quality pet stain removal as well! Just give us a call today and schedule your cleaning services!