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Tile and stone are a common choice in a lot of homes, as they are a beautiful accent to any room or walkway. Stone and tile are excellent options for any home, but keeping them clean and looking beautiful can be a hassle. Grout is the fluid that holds the tile together and keeps the overall look of the tile and stone intact. Grout is generally a concoction of cement, sand, and water. Grout is added to tile and stone flooring to give it that smooth, finished look. Over time, however, tile and grout gathers dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants and can distort the look of the flooring and diminish the beauty of the tile. This buildup of dirt and grime also welcomes harmful bacteria to build as well. To combat this, you should get your tile flooring, and grout cleaned regularly! Columbia Flooring Services offers quality professional-grade grout cleaning and tile cleaning for your home or business’ tile or stone flooring in any room.Grout Cleaning Vancouver WA

Need Your Shower’s Grout Cleaned? We Can Do It!

The one place where grout cleaning is necessary often in any home is in the shower. The one place you go to get clean needs more cleaning than almost anywhere else in the house. The constant streams of water and the subsequent standing water can cause the growth of mold and mildew deposits within the grout of the shower’s tiles. Professional shower grout cleaning can help remove those deposits and get your shower back to looking clean. With Columbia Floor Services, you get unparalleled service and quality results. Our high-powered cleaning process thoroughly cleans out the muck and grime that has built up in the grout and takes it back to being fresh and clean. Our process gets completed with a sealant that keeps it looking fresh and prevents harmful bacteria from gathering in the crevices. We do a special color seal on your grout that keeps the color intact and keeps it safe. We offer several different color tones to match the color of your grout!

Why Grout Cleaning Is Perfect For Your Tiles or Stone

Columbia Flooring Services has developed precise and effective cleaning processes that leave your tile or stone looking pristine. Our grout cleaning services have several different benefits:

  • Clean Look – Your tile’s grout is supposed to give the tile a smooth, fresh look. When dirt and grime buildup, it can be unpleasant. Our robust cleaning process gets rid of all the muck and residue buildup within the grout.
  • Say Goodbye To Bacteria – With the buildup of dirt and muck in the grout, it can lead to the housing of harmful bacterias, which can lead to illness. Our cleaning process cleans out the bacteria and keeps it away with protective grout sealant.
  • Protection That Lasts – We’ve mentioned our sealant as a part of our cleaning process, but it does more than just keep bacteria out. The sealant can protect the grout and tile from damage, as well as contaminants.

Are You Looking to Get Rid of Grout Haze? We Can Help!

Grout Haze Vancouver WAWhat exactly is grout haze? Grout haze is the white residue film that is left behind after the tile has been properly grouted. When the water has dried, and the minerals in the grout get left on the surface of the tiles, that creates a hazy look. Our professional tile and grout cleaning services can get rid of grout haze, along with other dirt and grime that has built up within the cracks and crevices of your tiles.

Call Columbia Flooring Services For Your Tile and Grout Cleaning Needs!

When you need the grout in your home or business adequately cleaned, there’s only one business in Vancouver WA to call, and that’s Columbia Flooring Services! We provide safe and effective grout cleaning in Vancouver and make sure that all of our cleaning services are deep and thorough. Call us today and ask how we can help you with our proven tile and carpet cleaning methods!