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Your home’s carpets are popular for all of your pets. They love to play on them, lay on them, and sleep on them. While they may find your carpet comfortable, they can also cause it harm. Dogs, especially puppies, can cause significant stains and odors that soak into the carpet fibers. Cats, and kittens, can miss the litter box at times or can mark their territory. Pets can cause damage to your home’s carpet through stains and odor, which can call for thorough cleaning multiple times a year. Columbia Flooring Services provides quality carpet cleaning and pet stain removal locally in Vancouver, WA. With our careful cleaning process, we can get those pesky pet stains out of your carpet and get it back to looking great and smelling fresh. Our stain removal process is not only great for your carpet, but it’s eco-friendly and pet friendly. Call us today and ask how we can get your carpets back to normal!Pet Stain Removal Vancouver WA

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What makes Columbia Flooring the best choice for your pet stain and carpet cleaning needs? We offer competitive pricing for excellent service and even better customer service! We know accidents happen, especially when it comes to your pets. That’s why our pet stain services get heralded. Our team wants the absolute best for your carpets and your pets.

What Makes Our Stain Removal Service Different?

Tons of companies can offer pet stain removal as a part of their carpet cleaning services, but a lot of those companies don’t think about the effects that their cleaning products could have on your animals. A lot of companies will use cleaning solutions with harmful chemicals in them that can stay in the fibers of the carpet. These chemicals can cause eye irritation and lung irritation, as well as potentially their digestive systems.

Cats can get these harmful chemicals on their paws, which they lick regularly. It can cause toxic chemicals to get ingested during their self-grooming. Dogs can also accidentally ingest these chemicals, and they can burn their skin. The use of natural cleaning products is recommended to avoid this from happening. Cleaners with all-natural ingredients are not harmful to animals and can still clean your carpets just as well as cleaners with chemicals.

Columbia Flooring Services is proud to use eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that keep your pets safe while making your carpets fresh and clean. Our pet-friendly stain removal process gets rid of those deep stains and odors that soak into the fibers of your home’s carpet.

Other Ways To Get Pet Odors Out Of Carpet

Pet Odor Removal Vancouver WAOne of the most pet-friendly ways to get odors out of your carpet is to use the household item baking soda. Sprinkling baking soda into your carpet will help remove odors from the carpet fibers. After leaving the baking soda in the carpet overnight, simply vacuum the carpets. While this can be effective in eliminating odors, it is not a long-term solution for your carpets’ health, and it is a process that will require multiple cleanings.

Professional Pet Stain Removal in Vancouver WA

When you need professional pet stain removal or thorough carpet cleaning in Vancouver, WA, just call the expert team at Columbia Flooring Services. Our pet stain removal and carpet cleaning services are eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and competitively priced. Our five-star cleaning process will leave your carpets stain-free and keeps your pets healthy. With no harmful residue left by chemical-laden cleaning solutions, you can count on Columbia Flooring Services to keep your carpets safe and fresh. Call us today and ask about our professional pet stain removal process or any of our other carpet cleaning or repair services that we have to offer!